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I couldn't go around begging for money pretending to be homeless that would be embarrassing.
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If you sit inside a mcdonalds and ask me for 2 dollars to take the bus to "the shelter" while youre fully dressed in clean clothes holding a throw away cell phone, im not giving you anything. If I see you at the same corner behind the plaza sleeping, yeah Im going to give you something if you ask.

I walked out of panera a few days ago and this lady asked me for a dollar. She said she was hungry, I said "whats a dollar going to get you" because I mean honestly a dollar wont buy you anything at panera and I was just curious to see what she would say.. I dont remember what she said but she was in like nike runners short shorts and a shirt. Like wtf..
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That's why you don't give homeless people money. You never know what they'll do with it. I buy them something to eat instead.
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I agree.

Where I stay, there are many homeless people and even more beggars on the street.

A friend of the family once stopped his car and ask a beggar if he wanted some work, nothing to major, but hey at least its a start, his reply was ''Thanks but I make more money begging''
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If a homeless person asks me for money for food or drink, I'll offer to buy them something instead of giving them money. That way I can talk to them as well as making sure the money goes towards what they asked for, instead of just giving them money. Honestly, if a homeless person came up to me and asked for £5 to put towards a schwag bag, I'd probably give them it. If they ask for food and are clearly going to buy drugs with the money, I don't bother. Simple as that. I know what being homeless is like, and it's not good. I like to help out as much as possible but I also know how many lying scumbags there are out there so I don't just give money out willy nilly.
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