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Vote for Game of the Year 2014

Far Cry 4
16.04% (145 votes)
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
27.65% (250 votes)
Dark Souls 2
3.21% (29 votes)
Wolfenstein: The New Order
1.33% (12 votes)
23.34% (211 votes)
Assassins Creed: Unity
5.31% (48 votes)
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
8.74% (79 votes)
Dragon Age: Inquisition
3.10% (28 votes)
1.66% (15 votes)
9.62% (87 votes)

Total Votes: 904

#11. Posted:
  • Winter 2017
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Going to go ahead and vote for Dragon Age: Inquisitions. Well polished game world with a plethora of content to go through in hand with in depth character customization and a great decision making system. I was worried about the Dragon Age franchise after the disappointment that was Dragon Age 2 but this game met and exceeded my expectations of Biowares new title. Whilst they could fix things such as the screwy camera controls in the tactical view all games have problems i guess

Edit: I swear to god if call of duty actually gets GOTY...

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#12. Posted:
  • V5 Launch
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Dragon age has my vote I love that game
#13. Posted:
  • Tutorial King
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Halo gets my vote, The nostalgia is crazy..
#14. Posted:
  • Ladder Climber
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I don't think Cod will win, the game was too bad this year in my opinion.
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Dragon age is a pretty nice game and looks very nice on pc couldn't possibly comment on destiny I'm no peasant.
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  • Summer 2019
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A vote for COD is a vote for Hitler

you wouldn't vote for Hitler would you?
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  • Winter 2019
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I've played them all except Fifa and Wolfeinstein; honestly I am going to Vote Destiny it was something new and it was fresh although it hasn't lasted long for myself it was a refreshing experience.
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  • Winter 2016
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Halo MCC had to get my vote. All of those other games just weren't as exciting as Halo is for me.
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  • V5 Launch
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Why is titanfall on here?
That game is old and got boring very fast..
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I had to go with Dragon Age...

All the 11 year olds voting for COD makes me laugh.
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