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Do you agree with EA?

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22.22% (2 votes)

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FIFA 15 Coin Buying/Selling/Farming | How do you feel?Posted:

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So as you know by the article posted here EA is cracking down on players using bots and buying and selling coins. How do you guys feel about this?

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Personally I'm really pleased with what EA is doing. I feel in the previous FIFA's coin buying was its biggest negative. In my opinion by EA implementing this you aren't always going to see all those OP teams. To me opening packs is one of the fun parts the game, although you might get shite sometimes and waste some money it's more fulfilling to pack a high rated player then to just go out and buy coins and get him. All I'm hoping is it just adds some balance to the game. (Obviously you are going to get those people who have amazing pack luck and are just lucky that way)

Still would not be surprised if a way around the ban (to not get caught) is figured out but I hope that doesn't happen.
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EA are all talk IMO. Not much will be done as always...
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They say this every year and still nothing changes they updated to stop bots from connecting but already been bypassed still able to use my massbidder so in my opinion they are useless.
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Mixed really.

I'm one of plays a lot of games, i made 1,7 mill from playing games this year and didn't get to try out a lot of the players I would have wanted, so that is why i'm happy that they will 'try' to stop them.

But, i do sell coins to my friends irl and i probably won't be able to do it.

I don't think EA will stop it though, they tried last year.
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It's easy to get around: Sell players instead of coins and send them as trade offers and then the buyer can sell them or use them e.g. instead of 1,000,000 coins buy bale then sell it
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gonna be hard for ea to ban people as they wont be able to know if people buy coins or not
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Yeah they say this and put this up to think we're gonna go oooooh sheeeet. But they won't do anything after the first month I bet..
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I hope they turn out to be lenient like this year, as I sell some of my coins when I feel I don't need them anymore... It practically pays for the next FIFA and gives me some extra money on top.
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i sell coins to my friends etc on this fifa, i dont know how im going to this year but which is unlikely because somehow they'll think i sold/bought coins
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I know they say the same thing every year, but just to be safe I'm gonna stick to points.
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