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Create your own FlappyBird!Posted:

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So i found this site where you can create your own FlappyBird with any face you want.

I thought i would share it with you guys, as some people may be interested.

Simply click the link, fill in the details and so on, and then enjoy!

Link :

Heres mine :

Feel free to post yours aswell

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Dyrdek (02-25-2014)
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Oh dear god.....this could waste some valuable time lol
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Oh lord, please no.....not again
#4. Posted:
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Oh god, i might have to smash my laptop screen
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This is great, the troll face is perfect for this game.
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Wow lol gonna have to mess around with this!
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I cant even deal with this anymore... Oh well, why not try it out.
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Kind of fun to create your own, nice post
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wow this is going to be a smashed laptop in the next 48 hours i hate getting trolled by a troll face
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Haha, this is mine. Downsyndrome Gorilla. (Not skitting)
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