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Vote for Game of the Year 2013

61.18% (873 votes)
Bioshock Infinite
4.27% (61 votes)
Assassins Creed Black Flag
2.59% (37 votes)
Call of Duty Ghosts
10.37% (148 votes)
Battlefield 4
8.41% (120 votes)
Dead Rising 3
1.12% (16 votes)
Diablo 3
0.63% (9 votes)
Fifa 14
3.64% (52 votes)
The Last of Us
5.61% (80 votes)
Forza 5
2.17% (31 votes)

Total Votes: 1427

#71. Posted:
  • TTG Senior
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Joined: Aug 27, 20118 Year Member
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Well GTA V hands down was the best game of the year. I hardly even play online because the GTA experience for me has always been single player.

The next best game on this list is hands down Bioshock Infinite. Columbia was just gorgeous.

I did not get to play The Last of Us because I do not own a PS3 but from I heard it has an incredibly gripping story.

Sorry to all of you guys but some of the games here on this list should not even be here.

Why is Diablo 3 up there if it came out on PC last year?

Games that should have been on this list include Metro: Last Light, ARMA 3, and tomb Raider.

Games that were good this year but should not be nominated for GOTY include the following:
Battlefield 4
Assassins Creed 4
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
The Stanley Parable
Total War: Rome 2
Company of Heroes 2
Gone Home
Rayman Legends
Pokemon x or y
Brother: A tale of two sons
Saints Row 4
#72. Posted:
  • 2 Million
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Joined: May 19, 20137 Year Member
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I say GTA V hands down. Cod is losing its fun factor
#73. Posted:
  • TTG Senior
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Joined: Oct 14, 20127 Year Member
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I knew it would have been GTA5 but i voted Assassins creed black flag cause gta 5 has become boring to me already kinda. I like the assassins creed series
#74. Posted:
  • TTG Fanatic
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Ghosts is trash, why do you people vote for it?
#75. Posted:
  • Powerhouse
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How the hell is the last of us behind cod ghosts??
#76. Posted:
  • TTG Senior
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Joined: Oct 27, 20136 Year Member
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Grand Theft Auto V should easily win this. I would either put 'The Last Of Us' or 'Battlefield 4' in second place.
#77. Posted:
  • Download King
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It is beyond me how people can think that GTA V is a better game than Bioshock Infinite. I just don't think enough people have bothered trying it... Such a great game!
#78. Posted:
  • Blind Luck
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Joined: Oct 10, 20136 Year Member
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Ghosts is better than Battlefield 4? Thats surprising, everyone said that ghosts was trash.
#79. Posted:
  • Prospect
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Some good games here but GTA 5 took it for me
#80. Posted:
  • Wise One
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I had a feeling gta would win.
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