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[TuT] How to get Pandora One for free.Posted:

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Pandora One: Upgrade the Pandora Experience

When you start building something like Pandora you quickly realize there's going to be a bunch of things that you'd love to do from day one that will have to wait for a later date. We have a long list like that and one staple of that list for the last 4 years has been an upgraded version of Pandora for listeners who want more features, better audio quality, and other things that we just can't do in the advertising-supported free version of the product. Well, the day has finally come when we can cross this one off our list.

Introducing Pandora One.

For $36/year we'll upgrade you and enhance your experience with these new features:

* High Quality Streaming: When listening on the web, experience 192K bits per second audio. That's the highest quality streaming experience on the Internet. More bits means better sounding music.

* Pandora One Desktop: Listen to Pandora from a dedicated desktop application; no need to keep a browser window open. Control playback from the Windows taskbar or the Macintosh dock. Get popup alerts when a new song starts to play. This is the ultimate Pandora experience: simple, efficient, pure.

* No Ads: Pandora One is completely free of any sort of advertising: no audio ads, no visual ads. It's just you and your music.

* Personalize Your Look: Surround the Pandora player with one of 8 custom "skins" that will make the look of Pandora as personalized as the music.

* Mini Player: Minimize Pandora One into the smallest possible browser window. This makes it easy for the web version of Pandora to live side by side with other web sites and applications.

* Skip All Day Long: With the standard ad supported version of Pandora you're limited to 12 total skips per day. With Pandora One you'll be able to skip as many times per day as you'd like (note you will still be limited, thanks to licensing constraints, to six skips per hour).

* Extended Interaction Timeout: Listen for up to 5 hours in a row without interacting with Pandora at all. Just turn it on and let it go. Every time you interact the timer is reset so just one click around lunchtime can get you through an entire workday.

So that's Pandora One. The highest quality audio. Pandora One Desktop. No Ads. More features. No limits. As with everything we do, we're very interested in hearing your feedback. Drop us an email or a comment here to share your thoughts. Your feedback will help shape future versions of Pandora One. This is just the beginning.

CTO @ Pandora

Now I will show you how to get Pandora One unlimited times. It is easy to do with easy steps.

Step 1: Go to Android market and download "Pandora"
Step 2: Hit the menu button
Step 3: Hit prefrences
Step 4: Scroll all the way down
Step 5: Go to "Start Pandora One 24 Hour Free Trial"

Repeat once your trial ends,same steps.

And there you go you have Pandora One for 24 Hours. I hoped this helped cause I hated the ads.
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