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How to make ANY Pokemon with Pokegen and get it on your gamePosted:

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Section 1: Steps on how to make a Pokemon
Section 2: How to get the pokemon you made in your Game
Section 3: Escape Sequences and Trashbytes

Section 1
How to make Pokemon with Pokegen

The very first thing youre going to need is Pokegen of course.

Click to download Pokegen!

Now unzip and open! It should look like this:

And congrats, youre now done with step one. XD

STEP TWO: The Main Tab, the basics.

At the beginning of each step from now on I will post a picture of a completed page then explain the process below. Were gonna make us some Bidoof, I recommended making this Bidoof with me, but if you really dont want the Bidoof, you can choose another Pokemon, just make sure you pay attention to the steps and adjust accordingly!

This is the main tab, probably the tab youre going to be spending the majority of the time on.

For now, ignore the PID section.

Species is of course, what Pokemon youre going to create, it always starts out with Abomasnow as the default as he is the first Pokemon alphabetically, choose Bidoof from the drop down menu, or you can simply just type in Bidoof in the box. If the box is highlighted red, it means you misspelled the Pokemon, or that Pokemon doesnt exist.

Nickname is what youre going to call your Pokemon. For examples sake, Im going to name this Bidoof Potato. You dont need to bother with the black box that comes up, thats like an on screen keyboard and if you dont know where to look, you might use the incorrect font for you game. Just type it in to ease your worries. Since its a nickname, I have to checkmark the box next to the Nickname entry field. If you do not want a nickname, type in the Pokemons name into the nickname field, but do not hit the nickname box. It is required to have something in this box or else your Pokemons name when you spawn it will look something like BIDOOF??????? OI(!@)(!@ ????. Yeah, it will off your screen in your game too. Harmless glitch, but its not something we want to see. On that note, the maximum number of characters in a Pokemon nickname is 10. Anymore, and it will go off the screen when you spawn. For example, say I named this Bidoof, Teddy Roosevelt. Thats way more than 10 characters, it would show up in game as Teddy Roos??????? U329813???, again we dont want that.

Experience and Level! Now this not very complicated at all, dont insert anything into the experience box, rather go over to the L: box and type in whatever level you want this Bidoof to be at, Pokegen creates the appropriate amount of experience the Pokemon should have at this level, neat right?

Nature. Choose what nature you would like your Pokemon to be either from the drop down menu or simply type it into the box.

Held item: Choose what item you want the Pokemon to hold, or type in it. A few warnings though, if you choose a key item from 4th gen it will show up as a ???? on your Pokemon and you cant remove it. Please choose an item thats available in 5th gen. Speaking of Key Items, it should be noted that if you have a Pokemon hold the Garcidea flower, if you remove it, you cannot use it to turn Shaymin into its sky form. I found that out the hard way. Do not use it to get that flower. I recommend never choosing a Key Item as a held item.

Happiness: Now unfortunately since were going to spawn this Pokemon in a rather odd way, the happiness will be reset no matter you do, so theres no real point in typing anything here. Max happiness is 255, but again, it will be reset back to 40 when it spawns due to the way we spawn it.

Form is only applied to Pokemon that have different forms such as Sawsbuck, Rotom, Shaymin, and so on, since Bidoof doesnt have a form this doesnt apply.

Country is where the game cart that created this Pokemon is from. To begin with, I really encourage you to set it to US/UK/AU, leave it as it is. Simply choosing Japan does not make the Pokemon Japanese as with the rest of the countries. Please refer to my other guide on how to make Pokemon from different countries. (coming soon)

Origin is what exact game the Pokemon came from, since were making a 5th gen Pokemon, be sure to always choose Black or White. I will be using Black for this example and thats it for this tab for now!

DO NOT CHECKMARK ANYTHING AT THE BOTTOM. (Well you can checkmark Pokerus, but nothing else) We deal with the rest of the information later in another tab. : )

STEP 3: OT/Misc Tab

Now we jump over to this rather empty looking tab. Its pretty much the most straight forward one of the bunch.

Here we type in our Trainer Name under OT, it can be anything as long as its under 10 characters. Type in the ID number which is any number between 0-6555 I believe. The other string of numbers next to it is the secret ID. Along with the ID number, every trainer has a secondary ID number that you cannot see in game, hence the name, secret ID. You can type in any number from 11-6555 if you dont know your exact secret ID. The reason 0 is not used is because 0 is typically the secret ID of event Pokemon. Same with the number 10. Anything above that is good.

Male or Female does nothing but choose whether the trainer name is blue or red.

Extra bytes are only used for Dream World abilities which will appear in another guide, so leave it at 0 for now.

You can put any markers you want on your Pokemon.

Do not choose any ribbons as these are only used in 5th gen for events.

STEP 4: Back to the Main tab!

Remember that PID thing we didnt touch before? Well now were going to use it. It is mandatory to do it in this order because the Pokemons IVs, Ability, and Gender depend on your ID and secret ID. This is basically the DNA of this Pokemon. If you do this step before doing the OT, the Pokemon will turn out to be illegal when spawned. This is probably the most complicated step in that it requires a bit of research.

I will not explain IVs in depth here, so Ill just say its like how good a Pokemon is in a certain stat, you generally want this to be high. The highest number you can put in here is 31.
The drop down menu allows you to be a bit for specific in your search. is the default, it tells Pokegen to look for the closest match to your number. + means more than the number you put in, and = means you want that exact number. The 1 next to it you generally dont have to touch. It just allows you to search a bit more if youre not getting what you want. You can switch these around if Pokegens being stubborn.

If you checkmark hidden power, it will do the best it can it to find that certain hidden power, obviously you can have all 31 IVS and expect to get a different hidden power other than dark, so I recommend being a bit more lenient in IVs if youre not patient.

You can finally choose the gender of your Pokemon here, if its a Pokemon that only has one gender, this really doesnt matter, it will be that one gender no matter what.

Now for Ability, this is where you have to do some outside research. I recommended Serebii for this. For a Pokemon that has more than one ability (not including Dream World) choosing ability one or two does matter. In the games programming it assigns a Pokemons ability to either one or two, and luckily Serebii has it in order. Youre looking for the area where the red circle is.
In this case Simple would be ability 1 and Unaware would be ability 2. Since we chose simple as Bidoofs ability, we leave it at one. Make sure the abilities match! If theyre mismatched, the game will count them as illegal. Now hit search!

If you followed along with me and put the exact same numbers as me for ID and Secret ID you should get the above.

Now select it and hit Ok! If you dont like what you get or if you get a different ability number, or if you get nothing at all, try being less strict with your IVs. Like instead of hitting = on all of them, leave a few on stats that dont matter, or change some of the stats to be lower. Once youve done that, congrats! Youre through with the most difficult part of making a Pokemon.

At this point if you want to make your Pokemon shiny, head back to the OT Tab and hit, generate Shiny ID, the secret ID should change. Once you generate the shiny ID, go back to the PID thing and just hit search again, the same thing should pop up but under shiny it should say yes. Select it and there you go. Now when you spawn the Pokemon, it should be shiny!

STEP 5: Met tab!
Well, this is an interesting tab in that its pretty much the same for all Pokemon hatched from eggs in 5th gen.

Location is always Day-Care Couple, not Day Care Couple G4, just Day Care Couple.

Hatched Pokemon must always come from a Pokeball.

Hatched Pokemon are caught at level 1. Be sure to always place a 1 here for hatched
Pokemon! This isnt the level for hatched Pokemon, but rather the level they were encountered.

Date is the date the egg was received from the Day Care.

Encounter is always Egg/Pal Park/Event! Choose it from the drop down menu.

Check Mark the egg box and the location beneath is the location the egg hatched in, if you want this to be legal, choose a place that exists. If you notice some places have (2) at the end of it, this (2) is just a flag telling the game the Pokemon was hatched while being in someone elses game through the entralink. I recommend not doing that and just going with the normal one without a (2) behind it.

Date is just when the egg hatched.

STEP 6: Stat Tab.

Theres going to be a lot of Dont do this in this tab. Theres a lot of ways you can screw up here.
First, DO NOT CHANGE THE IVS HERE. If you wish to change the IVs, go back to the PID menu.



DO NOT CHOOSE CONTEST STATS. This is a 4th gen only thing.

Now EVs. Like IVs, I will not go into an in depth explanation of this. I will just say theyre hidden
values that up your Pokemons stats. The maximum you can have in one stat is 255, and the maximum you can have in total is 510. If you dont know about them, or simply dont care, just can hit randomize EVs at the bottom and be done with this tab.

Here just type in your EVs, make sure its at or below 510. Anything over will raise a flag and make your Pokemon illegal.

Im going to say it again 510 is the maximum TOTAL. Anything over will result in an ILLEGAL POKEMON.

STEP 7: Attacks

Here, simply choose your Pokemons attacks.The number on the side is how much PP it has, PP Upswell those are self explanatory. Again Serebii is a great place to look at your Pokemon to see if it can learn the move or not. A few rules about this too.

Since its a 5th gen Pokemon, it CAN NOT have any 4TH GEN ONLY MOVES. If you try to give it one, it will pop up as illegal. The only legal moves are the ones it can learn in 5th gen.
Be wary of egg moves too. Serebii again helps a ton with making sure your Pokemon is legal. At the top of any given Pokedex page in serebii, you should see egg moves. If your Pokemon has multiple egg moves, make sure there is a theoretical Father that can learn all these moves and pass them on.

A good example of how this can go wrong is Ferrothorn. You might look at it and say, I want Spikes, Leech Seed, and Stealth Rock! But then when you make it, it comes up as illegal, what happened? Well the egg moves dont match up. Theres no father that can give a Ferrothorn all 3 of those egg moves. By looking at Serebiis Egg move page on Ferrothorns page, you can see, Cacturn can learn both Leech Seed and Spikes to pass on to Ferrothorn, but it cant learn Stealth Rock. Torterra can learn both Stealth Rock and Leech Seed, but not Spikes. Crustle can learn Spikes and Stealth Rock, but not Leech Seed, therefore the combination of Spikes, Leech Seed, and Stealth Rock is not possible in game and is illegal. Do your research before making a Pokemon. It saves headaches in the long run. :3

STEP 8: Saving your Pokemon!

Now this is the last step before we move on to actually getting your Pokemon to you game. Under the File in Pokegen, you want to hit, Save Pokemon (from Tabs). Name it whatever you'd like and save it somewhere on your computer where you can easily access it. Now congrats you're done creating a Pokemon! Now to get it to your game.

Section 2

How to get the Pokemon you made in your Game

Were not going to use an AR, or another program to do this, were simply going to use a website. I recommend bookmarking it since youre going to be using it a lot if youre planning to make more Pokemon.

Heres the site.

What you want to do now is upload your Pokemon file you made earlier and hit submit. Once youve done that, you should see something that looks like this underneath.

Upload: BidoofPotato.pkm
Size: 136 b
Use DNS Server:
Do note: if the above size says 136, you MUST have a full party! Also, poke only gets sent once. Re upload and reconnect to GTS to receive again

The number in red there is the number were going to use to obtain our Pokemon. Those of you familiar with GTS giveaways should already know whats coming up ahead.

What were going to do is make our Pokemon appear in the GTS in order to do that, we have to mess around in the wifi settings of our game which is a bit different depending on whether you have a DS/DSlite or a Dsi. Ill explain both.

By the way the pictures here are old, don't pay attention to the numbers I put in the DNS, just follow the instructions.


Start up Pokemon B/W and instead of starting your game head to the Nintendo WFC settings. From there head to connection 1, or whatever connection you use to get online on your DS.

Select it, and the settings should pop up.

[img] Uploads/MMS_Resized_Pix.jpg[/img]

Scroll down until you see AUTO-OBTAIN DNS. Set it to NO. 0s should pop up below.
Edit the Primary DNS. Type in the number you got on the website, but with 0s in front of all the numbers but the last one.

To have an example here, it should look like:

Now hit OK. The settings are correct. Save the settings.

Now make sure you have a full party of Pokemon and head into the GTS. Your Pokemon should come down from the sky. It will be in your Box. Once youre done go back to your wifi settings and change AUTO-OBTAIN DNS back to YES. Congrats youre done. Enjoy your Pokemon. :3

[img] Uploads/MMS_Resized_Pix-1.jpg[/img]
[img] Uploads/MMS_Resized_Pix-2.jpg[/img]

When your start up your DSi, head over to the system settings. Click on Internet. Go through Connection settings and click on whatever connection you use to get online with your DSi. Change the settings of this internet. Scroll to the right until you see something that says Auto Obtain DNS. Change it to NO and head over to d etailed setup.

Edit the Primary DNS. Type in the number you got on the website, but with 0s in front of all the
numbers but the last one.

To have an example here, it should look like:
Now hit OK and Ok Again. Now SAVE but DO NOT BEGIN THE CONNECTION TEST. Instead keep hitting back until youre back to the DSi Menu.

Start up Pokemon Black/White!

Now make sure you have a full party of Pokemon and head into the GTS. Your Pokemon should come down from the sky. It will be in your Box. Once youre done go back to your wifi settings and change AUTO-OBTAIN DNS back to YES. Congrats youre done. Enjoy your Pokemon. :3

Section 3
Escape Sequences and Trashbytes
color=red]Note: This does nothing to change the legality of Pokemon but it does make it well extra legal I suppose. Your Pokemon will be legal whether or not you do this part of the guide. Honestly, if you are frightened by math and letters you don't have to do it. [/color]

Credit to cH053n from the Project Pokemon forums for this. I'm basically paraphrasing his work. I'd much prefer you'd check his guide on it out. Check it out here.

So, some of you trainers have probably uploaded your Pokemon to Pokecheck's legality checker by now and have seen this.

...and probably had the same reaction I had. See, Pokegen only does it's job of adding in escape sequences very rarely, mostly in trainer names, and that's really just an accident, but never in Pokemon names. Escape sequences are basically the terminator bits of data that tell the game, hey this name is done now. Exactly like terminators in DNA if you want to get science-y about it.

Of course, we'd like to fix this and make the terminator sequence valid in the trash bytes. There's a few ways to do this, but it's different for every occasion.

NOTE: I am using the wrong key on purpose because Gaia does really like the other one. It shows it, but it reverts itself to question marks every time I make a post. What you want is the opposite of /, you want the key that faces the other way. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any confusion.

For Pokemon from 5th gen Pokemon and Pokemon that have been Poketransfered from 4th gen that are NOT NICKNAMED, here's the formula:

1. Type in order 123456789 till the Nickname field of Pokemon until it won't let you type anymore
2. Delete the last two numbers
3. The last digit remaining is the amount of /0000 blocks that go in between the start and end, /FFFF, of the sequence.


Blitzle12 <-- Number of /0000 blocks

Bulbasaur <--No /0000 blocks

NOTE: Pokemon that come from 4th gen via the Poketransfer also must have this process done for their Trainer. You don't need to do this for Trainers who caught or hatched their Pokemon in 5th gen.

So let's say Ash caught this Bulbasaur in Heart Gold.

Bulbasaur <--No /0000 blocks

Now we have to figure it out for a the trainer:

Ash12345 <---that's how much it lets me type in
Ash123 <---How many /0000 blocks you'll have in between the FFFF
Ash/FFFF/0000/0000/0000/FFFF <---that's how it should look in the trainer name box.

Pokemon from MYSTERY GIFT:
These are mostly event legends. Anything you can download from Nintendo will have this escape sequence. It's very simple. You just have to type FFFF pairs until it doesn't let you anymore.


(Alamos) Darkrai would have the escape sequence of DARKRAI/FFFF/FFFF/FFFF/FFFF
Shaymin would have the escape sequence of SHAYMIN/FFFF/FFFF/FFFF/FFFF

Remember these are Pokemon that you download from Nintendo and get wonder cards for. So while the Alamos Darkrai needs to have that sequence, the Darkrai you get in D/P/PT from downloading the hotel key from Nintendo, doesn't need this.

Pokemon that are nicknamed NEW WAY:
Note: I'm not sure how correct this is, in game wise, but it seems to come up as green/yellow more times on Pokecheck than the other way so I'm trusting it and plus it's easier. If it doesn't work for you and it comes up as red, contact me, and do it the old way.

Well, this is very easy to do.

1. Make sure you checkmarked nickname
2. Add /FFFF/FFFF to the end of your Pokemon's nickname
3. Add in /0000 until it doesn't let you anymore and replace the last /0000 group with /FFFF




Pokemon that are nicknamed OLD WAY:
If the above doesn't work, use this.

This is where it gets tricky in my opinion and honestly, I still can't get it right myself sometimes. What we're aiming here for is not necessarily Valid trash bytes, but trash bytes that are not completely wrong. Here are the steps.

1. Number of letters in Pokemon Name= X
2. Number of letters in Nickname = Y
3. X - Y = Z
4. Take the Pokemon's name and delete the front letters by the amount of Z.
5. Replace the first letter with /FFFF
6. Type the Nickname in front of the Sequence
7. After the remaining letters type the block /FFFF
8. Fill in the rest of the Nickname field with blocks of /0000 until it won't let you anymore
9. Delete the last block of /0000 and replace it with /FFFF to end the Sequence



Pokemon from 3rd gen:

Prepare to rage, or not. Do this only if you absolutely have to. Also, I can't seem to make it work for nicknamed Pokemon from 3rd gen. If anyone can help me with that, please contact me. It would better the guide.

Stuff needed: A 4th gen trash byte fixer. Download it from here. It's clean don't worry, but the site sometimes has ads to trick you into clicking be careful or use adblock


1.Make the Pokemon in 4th gen Pokegen. (Go to Options and change target game to a 4th gen Game. Make the location Pal Park, change the origin to a 3rd gen game and make the rest of the Pokemon like you normally would.)

2. Save the file and drop it in the 4th gen Trash Byte fixer. It should say hit enter to exit.

3. Now we actually use Pokecheck to help our Pokemon appear legal. Rather ironic isn't it?
Go to Pokecheck! and sign up for an account. Go to Manage Pokemon. Import your Generation 4 .pkm as a Generation 5 Pokemon.

From here you can click on your Pokemon to look at it's legality status. Tada, its trashbytes should be fixed thanks to Pokecheck. 8) Also you can use this to make sure your Pokemon is legal.

Now you can download it from Pokecheck, or if you don't want it to have that ribbon, just simply scroll to the bottom of the Pokemon page, and download the .pkm file and upload it yourself to like you normally do.

Q. What is Pokegen?
. Pokemon is a program created by the people over at Project Pokemon to fully build and create Pokemon as you wish. You can control every aspect of the Pokemon, from IVs, to egg moves, and even whether its shiny or not! Its the brother of Pokesav, but much more user friendly in my opinion.

Q. Will it screw up my game?
A. No, not at all, especially if you follow this guide! Even if you make a few errors, your game will not crash or anything of the sort. It is completely safe. As a precaution though, I would advise against checking marking egg on the Main tab of Pokemon. Egg Pokemon tend to be rather iffy and you cannot control their shinyness or IVs without knowing your Secret ID.

Q. Are these Pokemon legal?
A. Yep. You can use them in battles, trade them. They have legal stats and abilities. No illegal Pokemon here!

Q. Do I need an AR or ROM for this?
A. Nope! I am using a retail Black Version to create Pokemon.
Q. Will this work for 4th gen?
A. Yep! When you open up Pokegen, go to tool and choose the selected game as a 4th gen one. Pokegen will automatically adjust. This guide works pretty well for 4th gen Pokemon too. C:

Q. Can you make me a Pokemon?
A. Sure. PM me, and I'll be happy to make you one. I'm only willing to work on Pokegen for 5th gen for now. Please note: I am NOT your personal Pokemon maker. I know very well when you're just talking to me to get more Pokemon from me, I am not dumb. Don't take advantage of me. :/

Q. You hacker/cheater, you dont know what its like to raise Pokemon. This is unfair.
A. This is a statement I feel needed to be addressed. Ive been a Pokemon breeder since 3rd gen. I know very well how long it takes to breed a Pokemon with even decent IVs, and how hard it is to level them up, especially in this generation since theres no auto level 100 over wifi. I like to think of Pokegen is a time saver, without it, I wouldnt be playing Pokemon anymore. I simply, do not have the time I used to have when I was a younger kid. Now I have college, work, and simplytons of responsibility I didnt used to have but I still want to play. I no longer have the time to raise them, or to drive 2 hours to the nearest Toys R Us for an event Pokemon. Im sure other people are feeling the exact same and I hope by making this guide, I can bring more people into enjoying a game they thought they no longer had time for.

It also opens doors to use Pokemon many people wouldnt have thought to use. Breeding and raising takes a very long time, so often people choose Pokemon that are more or less guaranteed to do well. The Overused with a standard set and maybe a favorite or two, but now, being able to create a Pokemon in less than 10 mins, that completely allows a new level of freedom as to what Pokemon you want on your team, and what EVs you want to try out, and what weird moveset you believe might work. You can finally test them out and tweak your Pokemon as you wish.

The Pokemon created by this program are not any different from the ones created in game. They are the exact same data wise, but if you still feel uneasy, I understand. Simply dont use this guide and dont antagonize people that no longer have the time like me or simply just want to save time.

I ask that you please do not use this guide to create illegal Pokemon. They will not be able to be used for random battles, or traded. Please research your Pokemons moves and abilities before attempting to make one of your own.

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