It’s time to celebrate the third anniversary of Xbox’s Games With Gold scheme and yet again both Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers will be treated to a number of free games. Want to know the details? Well, the following will be given away free to all Xbox Live Gold members throughout the month of June 2016… Goat Simulator – Xbox One – 1st-15th June 2016 The Crew – Xbox One – 16th more
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We’re coming to the end of the month and chances are we’re all running a little low on cash. Thankfully the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 24th-30th May 2016 is now in place. Want to check out the Xbox One and Xbox 360 bargains?
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Sony is looking at major growth during the new fiscal year, and is projecting 20 million PlayStation 4 units to be sold. Sony has released some forecasts for fiscal year 2016 earlier today. The new year, which started April 1, goes on until March 31, 2016. During that time, the company is predicting to sell 20 million PlayStation 4 consoles. In the documents [PDF] released earlier, Sony more
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Rocket League is now the first Xbox One game to support cross-platform play with PC. Rocket League developer Psyonix has revealed that PC and Xbox One players will now be able to join and compete against one another in online play. Both public and private matches will now allow you to find players from a pool that includes players from both platforms, unless you turn the feature off in the more
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A popular torrent app on Windows 10 was recently updated in preparation for the upcoming Windows and Xbox store merger. Torrex Pro is a torrent download app available on Windows 10 devices. Now that Microsoft is merging the Xbox Store with the Windows Store later this summer, the app will be made available on Xbox One as a result. Torrex Pro was recently updated to lay the groundwork for more
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EA has confirmed that they will release a sequel to Titanfall this year with the first teaser showing a Titan with a sword. This teaser confirmed that Titanfall 2 will be released for the PC and Xbox One, in addition to the PS4. This is the first time the series will make its way to PS4. While EA hasn’t confirmed a release date for Titanfall 2, Middle East retailer MePlay appears to have leaked more
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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is said to be the last Uncharted but boy are developers Naughty Dog going out with a bang. Not only was the game a critical success but it managed to sell big too. Sony announced via Press Release today that Uncharted 4 sold over 2.7 million units during launch week worldwide, being exclusive to the Playstation 4. The aforementioned number includes both retail and more
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During a “Launch Day Q&A” on the Overwatch Facebook, Jeff Kaplan, the Game Director of Overwatch, confirmed that the game will be getting a big content update in June, which will include a Competitive Mode that will rank players against each other. He said that a competitive mode is the main thing that the team is focusing on post-launch, and that he is hoping to get it out sometime in more
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Games with Gold has the habit of leaking earlier than the officially announced date and the same has happened this time as a leaked image is currently making its round that reveals the Games with Gold lineup for the month of June 2016. While almost every leak that occured for Games with Gold ahead of the official announcement has turned out to be true so far, this latest one is hard to swallow more
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Amazon appears to have leaked a huge selection of new backwards compatible games that will launch on the Xbox One next month. The games that will be released for the Xbox One are mostly EA published games including Skate 2 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Xbox One backwards compatibility launched in November last year and new games are added almost every week to every month. The games that are more
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