There’s a way you can play GTA 5 in VR if you own an Oculus Rift Dev Kit and have a bit of cash to spare. VorpX, the go-to program for adding VR support to games has received an update recently to support GTA 5. This is far from perfect, as it only translates the mouse movement to a VR setting, but it’s all you can do right now. Here’s Falandorn riding a bike and looking cool.
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Codemasters have dipped their toes into the world of the digital market, with their online store. For the time being it only contains self-published games, but to celebrate the opening, each game is 50% off. Being dedicated to racing games, you won’t be surprised to only find the former with the store. With the 50% off currently applied, there a more
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Steam is now testing its latest security measure. Steam helps you protect your account by offering two-factor authentication, a solution so beautifully elegant and effective that it’s astounding every gaming network doesn’t do the same (looking at you, Sony). Valve’s version is called Steam Guard, and it works via email. This isn’t always super convenient, more
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GTA 5′s first PC mod/trainer is here so you can go on a good ol’ GTA rampage. A GTA 5 mod/trainer has been released for the game by the community. The mod grants the character invincibility, infinite ammo, without the need to even reload. So you can start dumping and never, ever stop. It’s called the lingon trainer, according to the description of the video. If you decide to get this, keep it to the single-player side of things.
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The Double XP switch is cranked on for fans of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The special “Tax Day” event is now underway on all platforms until Thursday, April 16, at 10:00AM PST / 1:00PM EST.
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We know the Xbox One will eventually allow streaming games to other devices, but thanks to a preview build of the console’s OS, it looks like that feature may be coming as soon as next month. Yesterday the first preview build of the May Xbox One update started rolling out to previewers, and a number of eagle-eyed members have spotted an interesting addi more
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Battlefield Hardline is getting the attention it deserves nearly one month after launch. Visceral Games Lead Multiplayer Designer on the project, Thad Sasser, has provided fans with more details on the game’s first title update, coming soon, in the form of a ‘Top 5 Community Most Wanted List’. The following items are what will be addressed in the upcoming more
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EA have put their wares back on Humble Bundle, and at time of writing you can get Dragon Age 1 and 2, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, and C&C Generals for — count ‘em — FIVE American dollars. As always, the EA bundle is sure to get more games as the sale continues but, even right now, it’s a pretty great deal if you were looking to get caught-up with some more
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Deal of the Week for the PS Store makes its return today and includes deals on Dying Light, Shiftlings and a big range of Lego games. Dying Light's discounted price also has an additional 10% off for PS Plus members, with many Warner Bros titles going down in price. There are also digital discounts and PS Vita/PSP deals to choose from. Dying Light's deal of the week is valid unt more
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Microsoft is reporting problems with its login servers across all Xbox devices. Users are reporting issues signing in to the service, while browsing the online stores is also proving problematic for some. According to Paradiger a new hacker group calling themselves “TeamBudyBear” have been claiming on their twitter account to have taken down Xbox Live. They said: “We’ more
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