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Category Funny Films (313) New This Week

Put any of your funny antics, shenanigans, lolzy voiceovers, or comedic gameplay here!

Category Game Trailers (2,760) New Today

The latest and greatest game trailers in the ever evolving world of gaming.

Category Gameplay (2,883) New Today

Have you ever just wanted to share what you enjoy the most? Here is your chance, even if its uneventful... SHARE IT!

Category General videos (316) New last 3 days

This is where everything goes if we don't have a Category for it.

Category Glitches and Tricks (964) New last 3 days

Have you found any glitches or cool techniques or even just recorded a better review of a older method? We want your wisdom!

Category Interviews and Shows (180)

This is the place we will spotlight the conversations and contacts that we feel you will want the inside scoop on!

Category Machinima (98)

This is the place for you and your buddies to explore your inner director, we here at TTG feels everyone deserves their shot!

Category Modding (154)

Come here to showcase your latest l33t h4x for all to see!

Category Montages (1,923) New This Week

This is THE place to share that 'tage you spent hours editing and even longer recording for!

Category Tutorials and Walkthroughs (1,198) New Today

You have something you can illustrate in a video about gaming and/or technology? This is the place for you!