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Minecraft Singleplayer Mods

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Description: Zans mini map is a mini map that is customizable in your minecraft world. [...]
Filesize: 64.94 KB
Downloads: 295
Description: This mod adds the legendary sword, a sword that is an one hit kill on any mob. [...]
Filesize: 2.54 KB
Downloads: 291

Description: Single player commands commonly known as SPC is a singleplayer modification that allows you to type [...]
Filesize: 874.63 KB
Downloads: 286
Description: Adds a Mcdonalds to the game! [...]
Filesize: 26.84 KB
Downloads: 285

Description: Create and delete items in-game, including mod items. Save and load entire inventories. Create [...]
Filesize: 47.06 KB
Downloads: 281
Description: This mod adds more functions to obsidian than just a nether gate. Construct tools and armor for an [...]
Filesize: 43.91 KB
Downloads: 280

Description: A minimap in the corner of your screen, Never get lost again. [...]
Filesize: 210.31 KB
Downloads: 276
Description: This tool will allow you to make obsidian tools. (Obviously) Obsidian tools last two times as long [...]
Filesize: 71.14 KB
Downloads: 275

Description: Full on carnage! This mod has: Stealth bomber Predator missile Boom Stick Nuke Nova [...]
Filesize: 212.26 KB
Downloads: 274
Description: Adds alot of cool new features! [...]
Filesize: 201.94 KB
Downloads: 272

Description: INVedit Lets You Edit Your Worlds Inventory For Minecraft And Allows Anything You Want It To, Also [...]
Filesize: 178.29 KB
Downloads: 271
Description: - Villages now spawn in every biome that has a little flat land. - Villagers have betters AI. - [...]
Filesize: 125.03 KB
Downloads: 266

Description: The Battle Towers Mod randomly spawns towers through out your world which you can fight and over [...]
Filesize: 1.22 MB
Downloads: 265
Description: The Exp Chest is a simple chest that allows you to safely store experience. This is perfect if you [...]
Filesize: 138.31 KB
Downloads: 262

Description: Chop down an entire tree in one hit with this special axe mod. [...]
Filesize: 6.70 KB
Downloads: 262
Description: An amazing factory mod, Contains: Conveyor belts automatic farming [...]
Filesize: 129.24 KB
Downloads: 258

Description: This mod will allow you to turn off/edit different settings that can help you raise your fps/ [...]
Filesize: 188.72 KB
Downloads: 253
Description: With the Disaster Spawner in hand, right click in the air to switch between different disasters and [...]
Filesize: 35.85 KB
Downloads: 251

Description: This mod allows players to have a magical wand that has Building Wands, Breaking Wands, and Mining [...]
Filesize: 25.10 KB
Downloads: 250
Description: AudioMod is an upgrade of sorts, and a modder's utility. Included in this mod is CodecIBXM, created [...]
Filesize: 45.80 KB
Downloads: 248