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XeX Menu v1.1

Download Name: XeX Menu v1.1   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 Other

Submitted By: hippie

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Item description:

This will allow you to launch unsigned XEXs from a clean menu.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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Not a Chance

"XeX Menu v1.1" | Login/Create an Account | 16 comments
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Everyone loves XeX Menu... Literally Every Jtag/RGH User has it

Cleoto wrote:

How do I add this xex menu file to my xbox console

Mate you just transfer it
I have a jtag it still says corrupted
Guys this is for JTAGs ONLY! Not normal xbox's!
when i go to my games it shows the demo for like half a sec then it disapears and it says corupted .... what do i do please help
How do I add this xex menu file to my xbox console
Thanks this site is beganing to work for me,I'm a noobie and will be finishing doing my RGH tonight,all i need is a couple more files. Thank to all the Dudes that ran this site. I thinking of singing up full membership,ACTUALLY I WILL

-MOB- wrote:

hey guys i dont have a transfer cable and im a noob to this how can i put it on my jtag with just usb???

yes you just press why on it and transfer to hard drive
You have to have a Jtag to open it up if you dont cant open it up if you have a usb
when I try to transfer contents to my X-box, it says - Corrupted file.. what to do??