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XeX Menu v1.1

Download Name: XeX Menu v1.1   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 Other

Submitted By: hippie

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File Size: 35.75 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

This will allow you to launch unsigned XEXs from a clean menu.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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"XeX Menu v1.1" | Login/Create an Account | 15 comments
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Cleoto wrote:

How do I add this xex menu file to my xbox console

Mate you just transfer it
I have a jtag it still says corrupted
Guys this is for JTAGs ONLY! Not normal xbox's!
when i go to my games it shows the demo for like half a sec then it disapears and it says corupted .... what do i do please help
How do I add this xex menu file to my xbox console
Thanks this site is beganing to work for me,I'm a noobie and will be finishing doing my RGH tonight,all i need is a couple more files. Thank to all the Dudes that ran this site. I thinking of singing up full membership,ACTUALLY I WILL

-MOB- wrote:

hey guys i dont have a transfer cable and im a noob to this how can i put it on my jtag with just usb???

yes you just press why on it and transfer to hard drive
You have to have a Jtag to open it up if you dont cant open it up if you have a usb
when I try to transfer contents to my X-box, it says - Corrupted file.. what to do??

toxicjay wrote:

can these hax ever b easy i mean seriously i tried dis 1 for like 2-3 months and it doesnt work it sucks
1)These hacks are easy, it's just you're probably new. 2) This works, I've use this exact download before 3) You probably don't even have a jtag and you tried it on a regular xbox