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I came across this commercial on youtube and my fiance thinks its inappropriate I think it's hilarious.
Let me know.

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Not inappropriate
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TTG Favorite right here lmao
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Definitely not inappropriate. Maybe for 8 year olds yea.
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why beacuse its says mother... then cuts out?

There is much worse things on tv now a days
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seems okay, weird though
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Lol there is nothing wrong with this. kind of funny
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While I don't find it funny, I don't mind it personally. I can see where one finds it inappropriate though. Even just alluding to a curse word like that commercial did gets to some people. It also matters where it is played.
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I don't find this inappropriate at all or funny. It's just a normal ad to me. He may of said it's 'inappropriate' because of course he wants to let people know what's not good standards.
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Hahah that's a pretty funny commercial
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