Doors have been added at B site?Posted:

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for some reason valve had added doors right next to B site?

what do you think?

easter egg? new map clue?
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They've always been there though?
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It is just part of the map.
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havent they always been there?
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For the people saying they've always been there, I'm 100% sure they have not. At least for myself, and the OP. But I wouldn't see a reason that they would be there for some people but not others.
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They have been there for a long while. If you look up videos on youtube with older tournaments you can see the doors there as well.
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ive never noticed them before
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Lol I never even noticed they had doors there! Wow
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They've been there since early days, you just never notice them cause they blend in with the map.
This is the 2013 beta.
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Even in the thumbnail.
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Haven't they always been there? I swear there used to be a glitch there.
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