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Eminem is officially back and he announced he's working on his new album and here what he posted today to get a taste of what he's cooking!

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Glad he's back but not really liking that song too much. Only he can get away with some of those lines. lol
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Heard this the other day on WS.

I personally like it and can't wait to hear some more new content from him.

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He's always around the corner, notbad tune.
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Im so hyped he's back and the track is absolutely insane! So many rhymes, and punchlines, and wordplay, and it's a freestyle which makes it even more crazy. Obviously it's not a song you sit and jam out to and I think that's why a lot of people didn't like it, but that wasn't it's purpose. Dude just went in on a beat and spit fire.
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Good, sick of this "Grime" crap.
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Finally eminem is back. That man is the inly person i like in these days. Everyone is just...ugh why
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he was gone? or what i dont like his music not good imo so i dont follow what he does but what happened to him?
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Yes!! So happy now haha. Thank you for posting this
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Taking on an Earl Sweatshirt type flow haha
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