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Thank you to all the people who have helped me reach this point ,Rep Bandit, Jay,XeGlitch,Prodigy,Daniel,Dinkleberg, Strokes, Eli, and any one of the 9011 Friends also thank you to those of you who joined in on making your name pink and avatars etc to help agains the fight towards Breast Cancer... Hope all of you are safe and stay safe on Halloween coming in couple weeks to come!

Thanks to all the Staff members also for doing such a great job here onThe Tech Game, Reaching over 2 million members just recently

just a few stats here
Total Visits: 62,211
Friends List 9,011 Friends
540 Gifts of Gold
1101 Reputation
50 Gifted GIfts of Gold
The Most Trusted Console Shop here on The Tech Game!
Check it out here if you already haven't . Always good to check replys also for feedback and special deals i am running , Mention 2 Million get 10% off till October 31, 2016

Thanks and Rep always appreciated
I cant thank the members of this site or staff enough to allow me to do the things I do for people here , Great Consoles , Able to give back to the site and just some awesome members I have meet here!
Not many people know this but I have donated consoles in the past , to members who deserved it , Due to hard times, Illness, and just for being great members , thing called paying it forward and pays off for either myself , or for others Remember when you think , things are going bad in your life , someone else has it harder then you ,

Thank you for taking the time to read this and passing it on , Thanks for everything!

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BULLETSTORM (10-22-2016), Yammy (10-22-2016), Loke (10-22-2016), KyloCrux (10-21-2016), Spencer (10-20-2016), prodigy (10-20-2016), Mr_Robot (10-20-2016), Nik (10-20-2016), Toward (10-20-2016), Mickers (10-20-2016), amply (10-20-2016), Respectt (10-20-2016), MEMlS (10-20-2016), Skates (10-19-2016), Visxal (10-19-2016), Fairfax (10-19-2016), Hero (10-19-2016), Cyrillic (10-19-2016), RepBandit (10-19-2016), Jay (10-19-2016), Glock- (10-19-2016), Xbox (10-19-2016), Inclusive (10-19-2016), Decy (10-19-2016)
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Congratulations Rodent, so deserved, nicest person I've met on TheTechGame.
Can't wait to see you at your next milestone!
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<3 you man! Congrats Rodent and I hope you can reach higher mile stones.
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Congrats man!
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Congrats on 1100 rep.

You do so much for the community.

Hope to see you reach 6,000 posts soon.

Thanks for the mention.

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Congrats man seems awesome, one question. But what do they mean? I have no clue
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That was quick haha. Gratz Rodent. You deserve much more than that. Keep up the awesomeness.
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AmazeMB wroteCongrats man seems awesome, one question. But what do they mean? I have no clue

They stand for how many Reputation points I have earned in 4 years of being a member of The Tech Game , Points are Earned from members who I have helped in over the 4 years and Gold Giveaways i have done, contest giveaways and console giveaways and being active
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Damn. This is big. I only got like 26 rep
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You the man Rodent
It's been a blessing to know you
You have a heart to serve man and I enjoy being around others like that.

Keep up the good work. You'll pass me in no time bro!

Repped and thanked like always brother
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