MilestoneI Finally Got 100 Rep!Posted:

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Only took 5 1/2 years but I'm here!

Been a little inactive since I stopped modding but been lurking this past week.

Big Thanks to:
Scott the Sloot
and to the active shout box people that I stop by time to time

Sorry if I forgot anyone and that I got no memes to throw in

The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to PURPDRANK For This Useful Post:

doug (10-20-2016), dah (10-19-2016), Jay (10-19-2016), RepBandit (10-18-2016), Rodent_Modz (10-18-2016), Xbox (10-18-2016), Muse (10-18-2016)
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Congrats on 100 rep, I just got there too! We're 100 rep brothers.. or something like that..
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Nice Yellow Man! Hope you can get 200 Rep!
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Congrats on your first 100 rep.

Keep up the good work.

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Very very well done mate, ive alot of helping till then lol!
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Congrats well deserved keep up the good work
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Congrats on the achievement man. Hope to see you around more
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Congrats dude! Hope to see you around more!
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Congrats man
All these people hitting 100 rep is awesome

Hope to see you become more active and gain some more

Here is to your next milestone

Thanked and repped
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Ayyy Gratz Purp. I thought you'd have much more than that tbh. Keep it up bud! <3
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