MilestoneAfter 5 years of on and off posting, I hit 100 rep!Posted:

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Today I finally got 100 rep! I am very excited as this is a big milestone for me. Today is a big day for me on TTG, 2 million members and 100 rep!

I'd like to thank:


for supporting me

and I'd also like to thank
Vladimer for gifting me gold!

and also the kid in this video

and Jeopardy's finest, Ken Jennings:

I'll continue to stay active and I hope to see you all again at 200 rep and 2500 posts!

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to Muse For This Useful Post:

prodigy (10-20-2016), Skates (10-19-2016), Jay (10-19-2016), Nik (10-19-2016), RepBandit (10-18-2016), Xbox (10-18-2016), MEMlS (10-18-2016), Extraordinary (10-18-2016), Rodent_Modz (10-18-2016), PURPDRANK (10-18-2016)
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Congrats see you at next milestone
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Already above 100! Nice job buddy see you there one day.
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Nice job dude hope to get there soon myself!
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Congrats on getting 100 rep. Hope you can get 2 yellow blocks
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  • Christmas!
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Congratulations dude. The first 100 is the hardest
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Congrats man
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Congrats buddy, can't wait to see you finally hit another milestone!
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  • Christmas!
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How do I even get rep?
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  • Christmas!
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possomman wroteHow do I even get rep?
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