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Nerdy as this sounds, I need someone to record gameplay for YouTube, someone who wont let you down etc. Or either a recording partner. I planning on doing a few series' on it but nobody to do it with.
If your interested, let me know on here. WE COULD BE BUDDYS FOR LIFE
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What platform are you playing on dude?
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If you plan on doing it on PC which im guessing you might be doing it on Message me and maybe we can be pals for life
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what platform, if its Xbox ONE or PC I can be your buddy for life haah hook me up
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Hello! My name is Rewth and I am trying to grow my channel. I am a decent PvP youtuber (13 CPS) with 21 subs.
A little Biography on me: I am a minecraft PvP youtube who is currently 14 and I trying to grow my channel. Sounds overused and stereotypical, I know, but I think I am a decent pvp'er and I love doing youtube. At the age of 11 I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression until I found youtube, I started to upload (My 11 yr. old vids are gone thank god) and I felt occupied, Youtube, to me, added color and joy into my life. If you are curious please go ahead and watch my videos, I you like them please subscribe I upload every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (Ranges from 1-3 Videos). I you don't like my videos please leave in the comments of my most recent video or the corresponding video what I can do better. <3
Yt Name and Link: Rewth/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW3lsIgae7a0w91-Fbdo3Nw
Software: Dxtory
Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Mouse/Keyboard: Cm Storm Devastator II Mouse and Keyboard Combo
IGN: Rewth
Channel Art designer: Satyen Sab/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh8BRjxIHs9EbSuZiY8TwOQ
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