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i know I'm Wack and all but i just made it to One Year Member thanks to all the guys that rep me and talk crap!

anyways i don't know if i need a thanks list but shoutout to all my ShoutBox Heros!

Later guys hope to see y'all at 2 years! and so onnnnn! BYE!!

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Congrats dude, see you at 2 years!
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Congrats. Here's to another.
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Congrats on your first year at the site.

See you in the shoutbox.

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Hope you enjoyed your first year on the site and hope to see you stick around
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Congrats on hitting 1 years pal
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Gratz on hitting 1 year buddy. <3 Stick around.
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Congrats man
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Congrats on your milestone dude. GG
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Congrats on 1 year man! Hope to see more to come!
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