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You must have 2 controllers and we are boosting by games. Which means each game we will switch the person who's boosting. 1 person is boosting on each team so everyone else is standing still but look around so you don't get kicked. Everyone is going to be able to go and get their XP but, you have to be patient. Whoever joins first will be boosting first on the other team.

Can't be annoyingplease
Must have 2 controllers
Can't be impatient
Must wait your turn
Don't spam me after I add you

Want to join? Send PSN names here and I'll add you and send you a message when not full. Message will say 24/7 Boost with an party invite.

Will be doing these lobbies [All Day Today and Tomorrow] ,So if you're free c'mon down and get your boosting on!
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Inv me any time
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We currently have 37 members boosting right Now
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Stucly on PSN
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add and inv me sidey7-- i only have 1 controller tho
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