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Can't believe I been off this website after so many years. Glad to see it's still up and running with a strong community!

Currently making my return, hoping I can stick around for awhile and meet some new people.

Took about 20 minutes and had a nice laugh at my childish archived posts lol.

Anyways, back to studying for my midterm see you around guys!

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Welcome back bro, Have some rep
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welcome back buddy, hope to see you sticking around, go to the sb to find the most active place ever lol
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Always great to see a old member come back, eight year old accounts look dope man. Hope to see you active around the forums.
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Welcome back man. If you wanna meet new people stop by the shoutbox
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Welcome back to the site. Hope to see you around the forums or in the sb!!
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Welcome back like the name
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Welcome back to the site! Come hop in the shoutbox sometime.
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That's a hella long time away man, but your back now is all the matter. Keep it real fam.
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