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Hi guys I'm indecisive on which game to get. Fallout 76 or Red Dead 2?
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If you're a fan of fallout, yes go for Fallout 76. If you've never played a Fallout, get Red Dead.

Also vise versa. If you're a fan of Red Dead, get that, etc.

It's preference.

I've played both, and I have to say that I am really enjoying Fallout 76. I know it's in beta still and there is a few quirks that need to be kneaded out, but overall it's a good game.

I haven't really touched RDR2 because I'm not a huge fan of it, but the few hours I did play, it's a really good game.

Huge amounts of content for both games!
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Fallout 76 at first to level up with the community. If you wait, you will end up in worlds where 50% of the players will be level 25+. Played beta and more people are killing other players. Not fun if you are level 9 and have to fight a player that's level 36.

RD2 is fun but the gameplay/missions will remain the same.
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Red dead redemption II all day long mate, personally the best game I have ever played.
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For my personal preference, I would say Fallout 76. I've enjoyed fallout more and will be waiting until Red Dead is out on PC
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RDR2 Ofc A True gamer would pick a Rockstar Game
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2 Very Different games in my opinion. Also, I say just get both? They are 2 really good games. Its like if you had 2 piles of million dollars sitting in front of you, are you just going to grab one and never come back for the other? Hell Nah, you would come back and get the other million.
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I might go for Fallout 76 because RDR2 is overrated :/
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