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How can I promote my channel the right way without spamming. If anyone has some good tips please let me know thanks
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Stream on twitch. Do things that make your channel stick out. Whatever your channel is based off of, make that your returning factor. For example, your the fastest editor on fortnite, your the best solo squader, and so on.

Make social medias, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat all of them, you never know where someone might find your channel under.

Post highlights of cool clips you've gotten on Reddit, you never know how popular something simple could get you. I made a runescape/2k19 meme and it got front page.

All and all, make your channel look presentable, no annoying 10+ second intros, speak clearly, sound enthusiastic to make people wanting more.

Just know its a long road, once you start something it's gonna be hard to break out of it and try new things unless you have a dedicated group of subs/followers. i've seen people get about 20k views on average then try and make videos of other games that they aren't known for and go to around 1k- ~500 views.
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my videos don't come up on the search but they are on my channel so don't know why. thanks for the reply btw
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KyloCrux has a nice post on this topic

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Umm I would suggest you to share some quality stuff, Focus on quality instead of quantity.
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Be unique and the views will come. Yea sure it might be super slow for awhile, but if you create a niche and stand out from other channels the success will come. Hopefully you have a little luck too.
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