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I have many original Xbox games I want to play on my Xbox 360.
I didn't want to buy a wireless adapter so I could connect my 360 to my home WI-fi network, and download the necessary file that way.
I thought I could just purchase some inexpensive DVD-roms and do it that way.
So, I went to Microsoft's website, following a Google link that said you could burn the file to a disc from this location.
I clicked the link,and got an error message stating the download is no longer available.
Does that mean that it's completely gone, whether I try and burn it to a disc on my computer's hard drive, or whether I try to do it wirelessly, directly to the 360 over my WI-fi network?
That would suck.
If that's the case, does anyone have access to this file, so I can use it to play my original Xbox games on my 360?

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Im pretty sure you can play some originals on the 360. heres a list [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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I am aware of that.
What I am looking for is a workaround solution for those original Xbox discs that normally will not play on the Xbox 360, but can play on it with an update to the 360's hard drive.
I have gone to Mictosoft's website and burned/downloaded the file onto a DVD-rom, but it failed to read the disc when I inserted the disc in the disc drive.
I was going to try next to run an Ethernet cable from my Xbox 360 to my router to connect the Xbox 360 to the internet so I can try and download the file that way.
Any suggestions on how to solve mt problem would be appreciated.
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I take it your Xbox 360 has an official Xbox hard drive with the Partition 2, if it's not an official hard drive you will have to install partition 2 in order to play any of the original Xbox games
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It has an internal hard drive that came with the system. So I believe it is official. I don't kn ow how to tell if it is "Partition 2", as you said, unless all official Xbox 360 hard drives have that.
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