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I'm a little confused on how this works if it can even work. I am using xbOnline on my xbox 360 rgh and I'm wondering if I can host lobbies for people on xb1? If I cant, why not? If I can, what is the risk that my customers would get banned and is there any tips for me to give them to reduce the risk of them getting banned. I seen on Streamah's stealth server he had a GTA 5 menu. Is this only for xbox 360 lobbies? If that's the case, I see that some people are selling their modded xb1 accounts. How did they receive it? I realize this is going to take a long explanation from whoever answers this so +rep will be given to everyone that helps me out.
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GTA isn't backward compatible so you can't host lobbies from xb360. The reason there are modded accounts is because you use to be able to transfer your progress to next gen from last gen, but they shut that system down March of last year. That's why those accounts are so expensive, you can't make anymore.
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