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Thinking about getting the game for zombies, what is it like?

Blackout and multiplayer is awful so won't be playing that.
Worth the buy?
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Black out is definitely better than it was during beta, graphics enhanced and all that however multiplayer is still HORRIBLE.

Zombies for sure is worth the money. I'm close to 3rd prestige on it already it's a very fast paced smooth gameplay for zombies and it's definitely almost one of the best I've played IMO.

Definitely purchase if a zombies fan.
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Both multiplayer and beta have changed drastically since beta and are pretty good now in my opinion.

As for zombies though, it takes some getting used to but is also pretty good. And if you are a fan of zombies then it's just a beautiful love letter to the community as well as a whole new storyline to go on. But after black ops 3 I'd say this game is way harder but still very easy to get to high rounds once you get used to all the changes
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