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Hello citizens of website, today marks a special day on the calendar for several reasons, and I will display them for you alongside a brief explanation for each one. First we will start off with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats today they won 34-20 and are now 8-7 on the season with 3 games remaining and have locked up a play off spot and maybe even host a final game instead of semi final.

Second I would like to bring up blind luck as I was the proud owner of blind luck for a couple of minutes, but that is a story for another day which we can discuss when the timing is correct I would just like to give it an honorable mention. But finally we will bring up the next one, the Discord Award. After several months of usages and leaving it once because I was angry(?) I have achieved what a couple others have, I got the discord award! I use the Discord quite often and got the I.P Role about a week ago.

So I glady accept this wonderful award and hope my milestone gets some new users, or maybe some current users talking in there.

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Discord Overhaul (maDz)


Shoutbox users

unfortunately maDz gets the only honorable mention for this milestone which brings me to one more thing I would like to discuss, as of a couple days ago we are starting a museum on my TTG Wall of maDz comments only, make sure to check them out!

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Congratulations man! I'm jealous of that rep count
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welcome to the cool discord badge gang
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Congrats Spencer, very glad to see you awarded this badge after all those funny times in the Discord chat!
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Congrats bro it looks awesome
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Congrats looks cool
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Congrats on the discord award dude.
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Congratulations on that dank Discord badge bro.
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Congrats on the new badge mate!!
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