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With all the mayhem the rep fairy has caused I didn't bother making a topic for 3k since I knew I'd just hit 4k so fast. Here I am getting 2k rep in less than 48 hours. Huge shoutout to all those giving gifts as it's helping the site a ton and giving us loads of free rep. Now to bring back an OG milestone tradition...

The cat gifs

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See you guys at 5k rep or 2k thanks

also cent is hot no homo

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Congratulations jimbo great to see one of the best staff getting there milestones
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Congratulations on your milestones Jimbo, you have killed it mate. Not to mention your doing a great job as staff as well. See you at your next milestones.
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Congrats on the milestone! I can't wait to grow up and be JUST LIKE YOU one day! I always looked up to big papa Jimbo
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Congratulations pal, good luck on the Ultra Gifter aswell sure you'll get there soon!
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Congratulations man, I achieved my proud milestone of 1,000th and it feels good, must be better of how far you are lol congrats though, good luck with future milestones bud
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