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when youre in a car do you prefer to be the passenger or the driver?

ive never driven a car before but i enjoy being a passenger and going on long journeys especially new places
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Driver every time, the time passes so much quicker when you aren't sitting in the passenger seats.
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Passenger, less hastle.
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Passenger, can actually pay attention to surroundings
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Depends on the situation.

For example, one of my friends is a terrifying driver because he speeds in areas where you shouldn't be speeding. So anytime he offers to drive I'm just like, "No it's okay I'll drive".

Otherwise, if I'm with friends that I trust to drive I definitely prefer passenger just because I can go on my phone or play on my 3DS.
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I honestly would rather be The Driver because I drive safe and most of my friends don't drive safe when I'm the passenger so I would rather not risk it all.
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I'd much rather drive, especially where I live being in control makes me stay calm.
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I drive all the time and no problems with it so driving is my option, when I'm a passenger at certain points it's boring and slow lol
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I rather be driving so i have control of the vehicle. I also get anxiety in the passenger seat.
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Driver 100%

If I were to be a passenger I feel like I want to tell the driver how to drive properly and it bugs me lol
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