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If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?

I think I'd choose GameStop.
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Tiffany and Co
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BorutoUzumaki wroteIf you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?

I think I'd choose GameStop.

I completely agree with you on that one
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Canada Goose. They have the nicest jackets Ive ever seen and I've been a huge fan for a few years now. Plus they have good resale value and do collaborations with a bunch of other streetwear companies.
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It could be between Source and GameStop, but the Source you could get bunch of $900 items and sell them again, and GameStop a bunch more $600 so it would be hard for me choose, if it was one then it has to be source!
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Gucci that way I could resell everything.
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Does Amazon count?
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Rebel sport Australia that's where I get most of my clothes from.
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ZTG wroteDoes Amazon count?

They are opening Stores.

This depends on a couple things...

Can I only shop there once?
Frys Electronics. > I can supply my whole house and have back up stuff.
Can I resell the items, and go back continuously when I want?
Nebraska Furniture Mart. > I can supply a whole house, continuously over, with both electronics and furniture and sell it off at a lower than cost price. Nothing but profit for me.
Can I shop there multiple times but not resell?
Walmart for all various foods, clothes, games, electronics, etc needs.
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Game (UK equivalent to GameStop)
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