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Evening guys,

Just registered as browsing the forums a bit and it wouldn't let me click on any links, about time I registered.

Don't know what sections I will be looking in at the most but mostly building a pc soon so I may need some assistance. See you around.

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Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time and be sure read and follow rules! Enjoy!
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Welcome to the forums bud! I'm not the greatest as far as PC building advice goes cause i got some pretty strong biases towards specific manufacturers but I hope to see you around and help out where I can
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Welcome to the site bro, i hope to see you around and in the Shoutbox
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Welcome to The Tech Game Hope to see you around posting in some the forums.
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Welcome to the site, read the rules and stay active! Come join us in the shoutbox
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Welcome to the site man!
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Welcome brother
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Welcome to the site lad.
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Sup dude seen you lurking in the sb earlier.
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