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I have earned 3000 rep with the help of the "gift fairy" and as well as others. Thank you for this marvelous achievement.

I need to thank a few people. First off, I would like to thank maDz for being the great individual that he is. He is such a wonderful influence to many users on TheTechGame.

Secondly, I would like to thank Spencer. Spencer has been chosen to lead TTG on his shoulders.

Thirdly, I Would like to thank Sean for creating these wonderful individuals. Without Sean, maDz and Spencer wouldn't be the great ones we'll hear about in history books.

And as always, remember the two most important rules that you must follow.

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The Following 6 Users Say Thank You to Nick For This Useful Post:

Xbox (10-27-2018), Mikey (10-21-2018), Nik (10-10-2018), Lood (10-10-2018), Cent (10-10-2018), maDz (10-10-2018)
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Such kind words. What a great fella you are!
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Great words man! and congrats on 3K!
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Congrats dude! Hope I get there some day myself.
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And another "friend" I thought was my friend is not my friend
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Congrats on your milestone, see you on your next one. YAH YEET!
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Grats mate, see you for 9k soon enough im sure of it.
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Congrats on all your rep homie.
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