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From the crazy scenes in the shoutbox ya boi has got the Shoutbox Hero Badge and I've also hit 500 rep

Would like to thank all the Gold Gifters in the Shoutbox! I bow to you people.

See yall at Shoutbox Hero + & 1k Rep


The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to JMG For This Useful Post:

GBC (10-24-2018), Xbox (10-23-2018), Mikey (10-21-2018)
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Some awesome milestones man! Congratulations and good luck on 1k rep!
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Come on bro , nice work. Lets get that Plus badge fam <3
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Congrats on both your milestones mate.
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Congrats on both milestones my good sir!
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Congratulations on your milestones bro will look forward to your future milestones
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Congrats bro (:
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Congrats man, Welcome to the club its nice to see another comer in the SB Hero squad. Hope to see you hit more goals.
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Gratz on both of those buddy
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Congrats on those two huge milestones you have achieved
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