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Tonight has been eventful, starting it off by getting SBH+ I have actually reached another milestone tonight. This one I have been working on for 8 years it seems and I finally got it as I have started to post more. Great too have 1K Rainmaker gone and here I welcome the 5K Undisputed.

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Incase you are too lazy to look up top at my badge, here is my screenshot of the newly activated award on my account. Great milestone and looking forward to posting another 5000 and hopefully by that time the little icon by my name doesn't say 16.

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Anyways back to the old type writer, to continue on posting. Thanks for checking out my thread.

Thanks List:
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The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to Spencer For This Useful Post:

RedWood (10-10-2018), XePaulio (10-10-2018), Mortar (10-10-2018), Mikey (10-10-2018), Ahri (10-10-2018)
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Congrats! Nice fake with the thanks list, it really got me
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ok grats spencer
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Congrats on 5K posts, Spencer. uwu for you too.
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Congratulations, Lord Spencer. maDz would be proud to have chosen you as the promised one.
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Congratulations on the milestone Spencer, for sure one that is a grind to achieve.
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This man is on a roll tonight. I'm still waiting to see if he can ever make it to the phone though :/ Congrats man
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Congratulations on 5k posts mate

Welcome to the club!
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Congrats dude!
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Congratulations on all those shit posts your nerdy ass.

Unblock me you head
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