Football or soccer?

58.82% (10 votes)
41.18% (7 votes)

Total Votes: 17

Footballis it football or soccer?Posted:

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I am from the UK and i will always call it football no matter what. what do you call it?
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I live in Puerto Rico and people constantly call it 'soccer' but it's definitely "futbol" in the spanish language. So it should be football as well.

I also refer to the NFL as "American football".
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I live in canada so I've always called in soccer but when im speaking to my british friends i call it football.
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Football. And did you know the word Soccer was originally from the UK.
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Soccer, always has and will be that for me.
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Here in the US soccer but my friends/fam call it futbol.
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It's soccer. And it will always be soccer.
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I'm American, so soccer it is.
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Also I have a question, do people who call it "Football" still call the ball, a "Soccer" ball?
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It's football for me. I'm from the UK
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