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As the subject asks: What is your occupation now vs what is/was your dream job?


Occupation now: Electrical Engineer, going on 3 years now
Dream job: when I was 10, I wanted to be a physical therapist
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Occupation now: Student

Where I wanna be in Ten years: An Archaeologist
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My occupation now is an Advanced Auto Parts "Parts Specialist".

Dream job: Psychologist.
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I currently work at a steel company, great time, great people, great job in general! Can't beat it and i'm grateful for what I do.

My dream job was always actually the CFL I would have loved to play football professionally but I just started playing too late and it is hard to train around here.
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My occupation: College Student
My dream job in 2 yrs: Special FX Makeup
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I create patient acquisition systems for medical professionals that run their own practice. A B2B business model.

I never really had a "Dream Job." I guess I was never a fan of the idea of working 40 hours a week for 40 years of my life & expect to retire with 40% of my total income.

I aspire to create jobs.
(P.S. I Just Graduated High School)
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Warehouse Makinh pallets, I get paid a pretty penny so it works for me.
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My current occupation is building heads for Jasper engines

My dream occupation would probably be some type of motivational speaker, I've always wanted to show people they have worth rather they believe it or not.
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