GeneralI dont understand how the B04 battle pass will kill cod?Posted:

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So online I keep seeing articles and youtube content saying that the battlepass will kill call of duty black ops4, but I dont understand how? Some people saying its going to be confusing and then others saying it will not be worth the money?

From what I understand the battlepass costs 39.99 after launch. You can purchase it with certain editions it comes with the following

4 Additional All-New Zombies Experiences
12 Multiplayer Maps
4 Exclusive Blackout Characters
as well as the classified remake of five

Many of the people I see complaining are talking about how the dlc packs aren't going to be available separately

As you can see below ive included an example from a previous call of duty, in red which is season pass which includes all 4 map packs where as in Green is some map packs which are charged at much less then the season pass obviously as its a singular pack

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I dont understand how making someone buy the full package would cause any problems, they have already said there will be tons of free content for all 3 parts of the game being blackout, zombies and multiplayer. So why are people crying about having to buy the full package of dlc rather then buy it in bits?

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ID agree, My uncle just bought the $100 BO4 pack so we dont have to worry about mappacks
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I agree with you I'll more then likely buy the battle pass just for the zombie maps
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I also purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition, because well why not and it works out better for me..
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exactly, I bought the digital delux enchanced version because it works out cheaper and ik im going to play the hell out of this and the dlc so I dont see why people are complaining
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