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i prefer cats as i feel like dogs can be way to vicious i like when a cat just comes and sits with you when youre lonely.

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I like dogs personally, I grew up with a house dog Golden Retriever and my sister had a cat which was the most annoying cat I've ever encountered. So yea dog is my option here
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I prefer cats, but don't mind dogs.
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I have two cats. Both of them are very cuddly. Every time when I'm back at home they come to me and want to cuddle.

I never had a dog, so I cant discribe how it would be if you have doggos.

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The breed of dog depends on their behaviours, I've got a miniature schnauzer and it's a mad dog, but it loves nothing more than to sit on your knee and give you a cuddle after you've been in work.
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I grew up with dogs and really enjoyed them, but towards the end of high school I got 2 kittens. I love them so much, they have turned me into a cat person, and even though I still want a dog in the future, I can always see myself with a cat. They are so damn cute and they are super chill. After a long day of work I'll go outside and smoke up and my cats will be in the seat next to me just chillin.
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Dogs. Cats are okay but nothing better than a cute little doggo puppy.
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That's a tough question but if I had to choose for preference I would say dogs I have 3 dogs and I love them a ton but I do have cat as well.
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Dogs all day long mans beat friend
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I love dogs, grew up with them and never had a problem.
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