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Parasyte is a fantastic show kind of a weird concept pretty much aliens come down to earth and start burrowing inside and taking control of a host. a student named Shinichi Izumi get affected by one of these aliens but it failed to control his brain it controls his hand instead. this show is soooo good it's just 24 episodes of non stop story.I rate this show 8.5 out of 10 it's a great show and hey if aliens controlling people lots of gore interest you give it a shot.

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Amazing review Loke! The amount of detail you put into your post shows us anime watches that you truly care about what you deliver to the community. I'm sure if you keep putting the same effort that you put into this post you'll surely get the Sensei badge soon enough. Keep up the good work.
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Good review, keep up the awesome work. You will have the sensei badge in no time.
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The love I have for this anime is un-real, if you haven't seen this it's honestly a must watch.

The love story is strong in this one!
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I've skimmed across this one many times while surfing the netflix catalog. Doesn't really look appealing, and the art style is less than desirable. When it comes to anime reviews, though -- Loke is the true progenitor. I look forward to future reviews on quality anime from you.
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