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Hey all, so I'm trying to convince my friend to sell me parts from his old PC that practically sits there and collects dust. I wanna know how much to offer him for his used gear

    *Gpu: Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1080
(I believe he bought it around the time it came out)

    *Psu: 1000w EVGA 80+Gold

    *HDD: 1TB 3.5"

I was thinking $550ish USD but I'm not trying to low ball him cause he is my friend lol
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$350-375 is what GTX 1080's seem to be going for. 1TB HDD isn't worth much, maybe $15? PSU depends on the specific model, EVGA have a few 1000W Gold rated units AFAIK. None are worth more than $100 though, not used anyway. Maybe $70-80 for the PSU.

So if it's a GTX 1080 with one of the nicer, higher end coolers and a G2 or G3 1000W PSU, I'd say $475 absolute maximum.
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