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i used to be a lover of need for speed back on playstation (underground 1, underground 2)

but now i definitely prefer forza but only forza horizon i dont like motorsport. which do you prefer?

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Forza for current time but need for speed as a all time classic racing game
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Forza now days as the GFX is ridiculous, but Need For Speed was the nuts back in the day.
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Forza all the way, but I feel nfs paved the path of the open world racing and without it we might not have the likes of Forza horizon.

Both the horizon and regular Forza have been great and the driving feels really good compared to some nfs games.
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Need for speed for free roaming. Forza for the ultimate racing experience
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I'm not a big fan of racing games but when I want to play this kind of game I would choose NFS :p
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nfs is garb imo
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The old need for speeds were too good I'd put them over the old forzas but this new one is something else the graphics are unreal
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