Forum GamesWould you rather own a dragon or be a dragon?Posted:

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Would you rather own a dragon or be a dragon?

I'd rather own one. My favorite movie is how to train your dragon, so I'd love to own a dragokoms Toothless.
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Katsumi wrote
I died watching this video lmao. But I would rather own one that way Im not being hunted cause im a frggin dragon.
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Owning a dragon would be awesome.
Fly me around and crush/burn anything I need.

For now, I guess I have the one in my backpack on Fortnite...
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owning a dragon would be neat. you wouldnt need a car it could just fly you around.
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I'd rather own one as long as it couldn't eat me
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I would like to own one, as long as it dont eat my ass lol.
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I would rather own one. Just imagine how cool that would be xD
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Definitely rather own one. I guess if you were a dragon you also wouldnt have to deal with traffic and stuff but then you wouldnt be able to pull up to mcdonalds at 2am and eat sinful amounts of food, or at least as easily
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Id definitely like to own one, reminds me of game of thrones.
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