Does Fortnite Have A Ranked Match Making System?

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Honestly not sure, but it's interesting.
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FortniteDoes Fortnite Have Ranked Games?Posted:

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Not sure if this has been a topic here yet, but I'm really curious about this and wanted to hear what you guys thought. So basically, the reason why I thought of this is because when I go into a Fortnite solo game, almost every single person I run into is good all around, good builders, always hitting every shot etc. I didn't really think anything of it.. until I played on my friends xbox and on his profile. (He only has about 15 wins, over half with me.. compared to my 110 wins). Got into a solo, and first game I had 6 kills, which isn't that much, but every single one of those 6 people couldn't build very fast, until the 7th guy killed me who was actually pretty good.

So that's what got me thinking about this topic.. and I did some research. Maybe there is an official thread by Fortnite talking about this subject, I'm not sure. But basically from what I've read, seems like half of the people don't think it's rated, and it would be stupid for Fortnite to do that, etc.. then I read that a lot of players think Supercell released the ranked system match making back in Season 3, and I seen a lot of people saying this. From my stand point, and maybe it's just been a coincidence that I always get into hard games on my profile, and easier games on my friends, but I tested this theory a couple times and never failed.. so I think it's ranked on a certain level, maybe they have an algorithm that sets you up with more players that have a similar K/D ratio, or amount of wins.

So what do you guys think about this? Let me know, I'll also put a poll to get a better count.
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I mean im always down to try out new multiplayer systems/ranks, if fortnite did do it, theyd probably nail a legit system!
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Nope this isn't a thing. The closest they get to ranked play is when they bring the game mode out we're you can qualify for the skirmish
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