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did you ever own one of these?

i had both they were so fun when i was a kid.

PSP definitely better though.

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PSP all day long
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ds has pokemon but psp has netflix and youtube so
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ds bro always grinding my pokemon diamond
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Psp, Monster Hunter, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy and Burnout Revenge. Made those boring doctor trips well worth it.
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Nintendo DS for me!
Pokemon all day
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Nintendo DS for me...

Mario Kart and Pokemon all the way! lol
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Had some great times on both of these handhelds, but I would have to go with the DS while the PSP has GTA LCS,VCS and Daxter and a bunch of other great games nothing beats the in-house nintendo titles like pokemon, and the gba slot to play older games as well.
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I've played a PSP many times never owned one. I got a 3DS right now and I love it, great for long rides on planes and cars got tons of games on it too!
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Nintendo DS all the way, legend of zelda, mario, and pokemon.
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