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Best Fielding in Cricket History!

Interested in Cricket? Not too sure what it is? Just want to watch a good video?

Check out this video of the Top Fielding in Cricket History!

We see some amazing plays here throughout the history of cricket, a sport not shown much attention to here on TTG

Mr. Duncan had enough of lousy Americans not knowing what is going on:
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"cricket is like the comman mans version of croquet" - Mortar, October 2018
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This sport is crazy underrated. The amount of effort the players put into each game and considering sometimes the game can last over 24 hours, people need to see how dedicated these players are.

I have a friend who used to play and when I learned more about the sport I felt like I was learning a completely new religion. Its an insane sport and I think more people need to learn about it.
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Think this is the first time I've ever seen someone mention cricket on here lol!

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