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Death Parade is about what happens when you die i thought it was a really good adaptation on it. When you die you awaken in a room with just these people

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and after the characters meet him they must play games with an opponent to judge where they will go in the afterlife I thought it was an ok series every episode the characters change and so does the games.The goal of the games is to find out each person's true nature and use that to determine where they will go in the afterlife. i thought Decim was a really cool character he never smiled he just sat there and judged. so anyway i don't want to spoil to much but i give this show 6/10 its a really cool concept and i think they pulled it off decently

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I'll have to give this a shot. I've never actually heard of it but sounds pretty good
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Dabz wroteI'll have to give this a shot. I've never actually heard of it but sounds pretty good

I thought you don't watch anime?
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Ahh yes Elijah tried getting me into this but it just couldn't keep my interest. The art style is odd so that sort of threw me for a loop. The plot is interesting, but not enough to keep me coming back for more. I'm sure this would be a great anime for those into that genre, but it's a pass from me.

However, astounding review from Loke. Keep it up man I see great potential in you moving forward.
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