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Asking for someone to host me a black ops 2 zombie mod menu i got de-ranked!

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Xbox (10-03-2018), Mikey (10-03-2018)
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Welcome first of all, 2nd you shouldnt really ask for lobbies, but if you check out my sticky in the cod section i could probz do one but it will be paid.
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welcome and you can get menus by yourself on bo2 just go to theater and watch it
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How ?? I tried that
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welcome to the site, however check out the modded lobby section in the call of duty forum for these kind of lobbies!
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itsChubbs wroteHow ?? I tried that

Type in on YouTube, Black Ops 2 Theater Mods, there will 100% be a tutorial on how to get any prestige and unlock all for free!
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Welcome to the site bro
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Welcome to the site mate, hope you have lots of fun.
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Welcome to the site.
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Welcome to the site nice to see new members on the block

If your after modded lobbies try visiting this section of the site
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