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A New Way to Play!

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At Xbox, we're committed to bringing gamers more choice in what they play, who they play with and how they play. We're also equally committed to providing developers with the best platform to create and deliver the best gaming experience on Xbox. Today we're announcing a new way to play games on Xbox: we're enabling mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One for select Xbox Insiders in the coming weeks.

With this new input support at the platform level, developers can now build mouse and keyboard support in their games if and how they choose. It's important to note that mouse and keyboard support for games is added on a title-by-title basis, entirely at developers' discretion. For all other titles, nothing changes. Mouse and keyboard input is not enabled by default for games. Each development team knows their titles best and we support them in creating the right experience for their games as they see fit, to ensure an optimal and fair gaming experience. Warframe will be one of the first titles testing mouse and keyboard input when the feature arrives to Insider in the coming weeks.

While most wired or wireless USB keyboards and mice will work on Xbox One, we know access to best-in-class hardware is a must. That's why we're partnering with a premiere peripheral manufacturer in the gaming hardware space - Razer - to bring you the best possible mouse and keyboard experience for this new functionality. We'll have more to share soon on this partnership, but for now check out Razer's website and our Xbox Twitter and Facebook pages for a sneak peek.

We've been working closely with studios of all sizes to ensure mouse and keyboard experiences on console are fun, fair and correctly balanced, and look forward to introducing more games with support for mouse and keyboard input in the future. Tune into the November 10 edition of Inside Xbox for more details about additional titles supporting mouse and keyboard, and to learn more about our partnership with Razer.

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Well, M&K support will be coming to Warframe first, so I'm excited to see what else is next. It's safe to say Fortnite will have it added by their next patch and I'm sure some of the AAA games coming out soon will have the feature as well.
Are you going to be making the switch to Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox One? I've always been a fan of playing games with controllers even though I know mouse and keyboard are truly better for gaming, I'm just more of a fan of a controller.

I know some people might be upset with this on Fortnite, but with Season 6 Epic Games made is so PS4 players using mouse and keyboard would be put into the PC servers. I'm sure it'll be the same on xbox.

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This is awesome, playing ESO and DC:U on Xbox is really restricted by the controller.
And hopefully this will entice more PC developers to consider Xbox.

Really excited for this, I'm in the alpha for the preview program so I can't wait to test it out on the dashboard at least lmao
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Ive been waiting for this to drop

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Would be awesome to play games with my Razor keyboard.
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i think this would kind of ruin the idea of controllers altogether
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It would be great if its true!
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If this is true I would love to have a go!
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This seems like a sound idea but may break the charm of console by a. Very large degree
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So pretty much what is happening is..

You're buying a console.. to use a M&K why don't y'all not get the next gen console save money and actually buy a gaming rig. Consoles will be a thing of the past semi soon anyways.
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so will mnk be put in different lobbies than controller players??
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