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I've been doing some digging lately for the latest update on the update for IOS 12. It has been confirmed that TAIG9 will have the latest updates on this story, and will let the public know when IOS 12 is able to be jailbroken. As of right now rumors state that a Chinese team were the one's to crack the Untethered Jailbreak, and the team has been working to discover whether or not this jailbreak is possible in the near future. Below is the statement that they provided about the IOS 12 jailbreak.

Their is a BETA for the IOS 12, however the OFFICIAL release is not out yet

A few weeks ago we were informed that iOS 12 beta 12 pwned and now the news has added some more value to it. Italian developer and security researcher Luca Todesco has tweeted that he has "pwned" iOS 12 final. Hopes are again high for a publicly available jailbreak for iOS 12. Apparantly Apple has not changed much from iOS 12 beta 12 to iOS 12 GM. It is the same build that was released to the public on 17th for all compatible iPhone and iPad hardware. Further digging we can see that Todesco plans to put another demo video, but is waiting for the arrival of iPhone XS in order to do so. It would be mostly the same as before except for the build number of the installed firmware version. Here is the video of Todesco for your reference and lets's all wait for the good news of iOS 12 jailbreak and iOS 12 Cydia of course ( or may be iOS 12 Sileo).

Video of Todesco

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Thanks for this, I just made a post asking if I should jailbreak so this is good news for me! Can't wait til its out.
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Why are the japs and Chinese always a head of hacking or jail breaking shit? Lol good stuff though, may do it in the future
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mainly because China is known for working on Apple products, personally i feel as if someone that works for Apple is the one that cracked the jailbreak, but thats just opinion based.
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Thanks for sharing this information with us
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Don't have an iPhone currently but love seeing news from the jailbreak community, if I switch back over to a iPhone again soon I'll keep this in mind.
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Thanks for sharing, i'm Looking forward to when this becomes easy as I have updated to ios12 quite recently.
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I didn't know about this, thank you
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Thanks for this, I didn't even know it was a thing
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I've been wanting to jailbreak for a while was going to look for an iOS 11.4.1 but I couldn't find a working one so I updated my phone to iOS 12

Hopefully they will release a 12 jailbreak I would love that
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