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Anyone play for gamerscore or can suggest any games to play for easy score?
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Most Call of Duties have an easy campaign that you can fly through and rack up achievements.
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Pipn wroteMost Call of Duties have an easy campaign that you can fly through and rack up achievements.

True play them all on veteran and you're sorted out basically.
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The Walking dead??

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I used to back in the day and had a GS of 180k lol, I'd say for me the easiest games are the Halo and COD series.
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i think a quick game for achievements is the state of decay series on xbox
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Halo MCC, the game has 5000 gamer score that is achievable.
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There's this little indie game called Aeero, a music game that gives tons of achievements for just playing the songs, and as time goes on you can move up in difficulty after achieving 75 stars on easy/medium/hard and every time you play that song on that difficulty it gives like 20 gamerscore. Got like 500 in 3 hours.

As for games, id just go ahead and get the game pass and play some of the offline games, usually just playing through on hard gives all the achievements, as everyone said halo is very good for achievements and its on the game pass.

Edit: Forgot about Smite, if you want to learn that game and play it, every character in the game has 2 achievements per character (around 97 characters in-game) ranging from 10/15/30 gamerscore
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All of the COD is easy gamerscore. Zombie games are easy gamerscore, along with any BF games also.
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I have a decent amount of gamerscore but would not call myself an achievement hunter per se.

First, you should invest a month or two of Gamepass because games on the service offer easy achievements.

Then I highly recommend you visit a website called Trueachievements. The website offers solutions on how to unlock achievements whilst having additional features such as Achievement tracking.

I will split the suggestions into two lists

Game pass suggestions
1-2 Hours
The King Of Fighters '98 Ultimate match
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Late Shift
The Swapper
Mechanical: Extended

Another good game is Saints Row IV

Non game pass games
Ben-hur (Free)
Call Of Duty series
Halo series (Including Master Chief Collection)
Minecraft (Multiplatform with stackable achievements)
Titanfall 2
Roblox (Free)
6180 the moon (Cheap and short)
Cubot - The Complexity of Simplicity (Cheap and short)
World II: Hunting Boss (Cheap and short)
Refunct (Cheap and short)
Any Telltale game
Life is Strange
Nba 2k17 The prelude (Free and easy 1000G)
Any sports game

I have multiple games to suggest but this should serve you well for the time being.

Bonus If you own a 360... Avatar the last airbender is currently on sale for $4.00 which gives give 1000g in like 3 minutes lol
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